Hogyan hitesd el, hogy profi vagy a szakmádban?

2018. október 1.

Judy Jenner Las Vegas-i fordító arról beszél, hogyan néznek az ügyfelek a fordítóra és mit tehetünk azért, hogy profinak tartsanak bennünket.

As linguists, it’s very much in the interest of our profession to be better understood, to be higher paid, and to be more respected. We oftentimes think that the outside world does not perceive us as the professionals that we are, but it’s a double-edged sword. Let’s discuss what we can do to make that happen – and about the things we, in aggregate, have not always done well in the past. We have to earn professional respect and rates, and we can, and should all work together to increase the importance of language services in clients’ minds.

Judy will share effective techniques that we can all use to take our profession to the next level. Spoiler alert: raising our profession’s image requires a bit of hard work for everyone, but we should be able to reap great rewards. The speaker will address why we are often our own worst enemies, what women can learn from men in terms of assertiveness, how to deal with critical and timely issues such as sexual harassment, and about the boundaries of ethics.

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Újdonság: a konferenciákon készült videók a Nyelvi szakember kedvezményes előfizetéssel is megtekinthetők.