A fordítói szakosodás villámgyors és szinte ingyen módszere

2018. november 6.

Andriy Yasharov ukrán fordító bemutatja, hogyan válhat egy szakfordító több szakterület specialistájává.

Identifying and pursuing a specialization can be overwhelming for a generalist translator who decided to become specialized in one of the well-paid areas, such as law, medicine, engineering, IT, finance, life sciences and others. This is also true for established linguists who made up their mind that it’s high time they started translating in a different area. Of course, for some highly technical texts a strong educational background is a must, however, it’s not unusual for translators to be self-taught in the areas of specialization that they chose. My personal experience proves that.

But how is it that some professionals achieve their goals faster and more efficient than others? Nothing can be entirely free and super easy, let’s face the truth, but there are always some ways to use other means available to anyone in order to reach your specialization goals. Using those means will require some of your time, dedication, motivation and strong will and I’ll provide the knowledge of what to choose, where to look and how to use.

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