Milyen egyéni készség segíti a fordítót a jövőben?

2020. április 30.

Jaquelina Guardamagna a “soft skill”-ek hatalmáról beszél. Előadását a BP19-ről a videón közvetíti.


What are the soft skills that are most wanted in a data-driven world? How can those skills be used to land and retain ideal clients? What is the secret of an effective soft sell? Whilst technological change occurs at an exponential rate, clients become keener on human contact. In this talk I will share advice on how to make the most of those top soft skills that set your translation and/or interpreting business apart and that could earn you more prospective clients. I will show you what works best in a soft sell approach (even if you are petrified by the concept of selling). Join me to find out why a soft skills set is the new strength for emerging entrepreneurs in the digital age.

Chartered Translator, Jaquelina Guardamagna is the founder of ‘Translator in London’. With over 10 years of professional experience and two BA degrees, Jaquelina offers English-Spanish translation, interpreting and internationalisation consultancy services to reputable corporations, business owners, celebrities and diplomats from the UK, Spain and Latin America. Jaquelina has been elected as Member of Council at CIOL in 2017 and serves as Member of the Editorial Board of ‘The Linguist’ magazine since 2015. Jaquelina is passionate about communication and about the power of emotional intelligence, authenticity and values in business relationships. She has been sharing her advice on good business practice through seminars at the Language Show and through publications at ‘The Linguist’ journal. Her spirit of service has led her to volunteer as a London Ambassador in the 2012 Olympic Games. She is also an Executive Committee member of the Association of Argentine Professionals in the UK (APARU) – a registered Charity that raises funds for projects in Argentina. Jaquelina is a proud mum of two.

Jaquelina Guardamagna: Milyen egyéni készség segíti a fordítót a jövőben?Előadó: Jaquelina Guardamagna
Az előadás eredeti címe: The power of soft skills in a digital age
Helyszín, időpont: Bologna, 2019.05.1-3.

A BP Translation Conferences rendezője, Bán Csaba a való együttműködés keretében idén felajánlotta, hogy a BP19 rendezvényen elhangzott előadásokat a is közvetítheti a tagjainak. Köszönjük!


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